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An excellent read! I am impressed with both the quality of the site and the quality of the articles. I am just getting back into RPG's after a lengthy hiatus and I really enjoyed your comments on the state of the industry today. I will be back often to check for new material. Keep up the good work.
Tamara Putman

Thanks, and welcome back.

Re: Run Like a Man. This article was excellent and exactly the type of article that I was after. You might want to include at least one of these articles, aimed at either players or refs, in each edition. You also might want to have a look at some of the other mags around for ideas on magazine structure, content etc. One that I would recommend would be the now defunct Australian Realms.

We'd like to have one of these articles in each issue, but we have to rely on our contributors. If you'd like to see more articles on this sort of thing, why not write some yourself? As for ideas on structure and content, while we never stop looking around for ways to make the zine better, we're also fairly happy with how it is now. Did you have something particular in mind? The next person does...

Nice bit of work. plenty of potential. But for god's sake get rid of that damned grey brick background. It serves no purpose but to make things harder to read!
Bryan Bankhead

We deliberately chose the brick background because it was more interesting than a white one, but didn't impede reading too much, we thought. We've had a mixed response to it so far - what do the rest of you think? Why not add any comments you have on our design to the survey?

I've very much enjoyed following your "History of Gaming" series; however, in this month's column, much of your information regarding West End Games was inaccurate.
First of all, it was WEG's TORG, not Palladium's RIFTS, that first offered a multiple-world setting. TORG was an excellent example of the cinematic style of gaming which you featured in this article. It was also the first game I know of which allowed for the resolution of all game mechanics -- even multiple actions -- with a single roll of a single die.
Dan Davenport

I didn't mean to imply that RIFTS was the first multiple-genre setting, rather that it was the first to use this to tie multiple games together. As for TORG, check out this issue's history for its fifteen minutes of fame.

Greetings. How do I get in contact with David Astley? I'm a fellow GM of Star Wars RPG - see my page at the URL below which details my campaign's history thus far - and am looking for someone to bounce ideas off...

David Astley can be emailed at We've included this here so any other Star Wars GMs can get in touch with Hooly if they want. Just flicking through his site should provide some good ideas as well.

I'd just like to drop a line and mention how much I'm enjoying your e-zine and a thought on GM's and their relationship with PC's.
One thing many people seem to miss is that players have a responsibility to the campaign, possibly moreso than the GM. A character that becomes too powerful, massively rich or antisocial is generally impossible to create scenario's for: they either carve their way through them effortlessly whilst less advanced PC's die in droves as the GM attempt's to present him/her with a challenge, straight out purchase their way around any problem as their two hundred hired specialists armed and equipped with the best whatevers do everything only pausing to send back progress reports or spend so much time causing division and strife the whole night is wasted.
GM's should take the time to inform their Group what they envision the campaign to be and what power the PC's should be, then it's up to the players to make sure the PC's don't tear a hole in the story because when it comes down to it, the GM is a player too.
Jim Lawrie

Well said, Jim. But it's also worth saying that if a GM allows her players to get so anachronistically powerful, she really needs to review the way she hands out experience and other goodies. What do others think?

Hi. Have you heard of an Australian RPG being developed called Grimoire? I had visited the internet site in the past, but have forgotten the website name and have been unable to find it. If you or anyone else knows of this site, please email me at
Roleplaying games are great! Thanks
Graeme Wessings

Can anyone out there help Graeme find this site? Let us know how your search turns out.


The Forum is your page; it is entirely up to you what you fill it with, or even if you fill it at all. So get on your soapbox and send your spiel to

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