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Greetings from a fellow roleplayer in Paris

I came to your site, and I found its content very enthousiastic, so much that I wondered if there was some french version or translation of it somewhere on the net. And if it weren't, I would be very interested in putting a translated of those articles on my site (some day). In the meantime, do keep on writing about rpg's!

Truly yours,
Regis Pannier, Paris

After getting this letter, we've negotiated with Regis and his friends, and they are now to be the official hosts of the French translations of PTGPTB. We're very proud to be officially bi-lingual. Of course, we've always enjoyed an international audience, as our next two letters demonstrate:

Nice zine you got there. I've just read most of the articles in the past issues, and every installment of the History. I would also like to see more articles on the industry in general, especially some precognition on what trends are developing.
Bernislav Lopac, Hungary

See Issue 10's article on on-line publishing. We'd also like to see more articles like this, we just need people to write them. Any volunteers?

Hello! I was deeply impressed by the quality of these articles. Thank you very much for that great info.

I'm working on a russian company distributing CCGs & RPGs. I'm running their site I'd like to use you materials on this site translated with my own comments on the situation with rpg in Russia.
Anton Elizarov, Russia

We're still discussing this translation with Anton.

Howdy! I'm *desperately* looking for a copy of the old pale-blue FGU version of Bunnies & you know where I could find one?!? All i've been able to find is the GURPS version, which I don't really want. Any ideas?
Kreg Mortis Mosier

Can anyone out there help Kreg? If so, please mail us!

Great review of Sorcerer. I definitely appreciate the attention and exposure, as well as the basic decision to showcase the game as an example of the new situation we all find ourselves in as roleplayers and designers.

I think you may be interested in a site that I and a friend are launching in just a couple of days, which is built specifically to feature indie RPGs -- I know there are a couple of these out there already, but I think we've put some thought into it that may make a real difference to fledgling designers.

Regarding your comments, I agree that there are several production flaws -- although I think well within the admittedly lousy standard established by current printed games. (As a bit of a perfectionist, I agonize over things like the chapter heading errors, but getting the thing into Acrobat at that time was actually a big evil pain ... and any flaws that made that cut weren't changing.) But this paragraph isn't to beg forgiveness - rather, just to acknowledge your point and to say that Sorcery & Sword shows a very high degree of improvement, and in fact, the fellow who helped me design that file wants to do even better with the proposed second supplement.

When and if Sorcerer undergoes a face-lift, some of your points regarding organization will certainly be considered, especially that bit about player-power and so on.

Regarding long-term play: this is a big issue, isn't it? Me, I'm satisfied if someone runs a good story of Sorcerer -- that is, achieving one of those four outcomes I describe (redemption, catastrophe, the outlaw prevails, damnation) -- and it doesn't matter much to me whether it takes three sessions or thirty. But certainly a lot of people have an overt expectation that an RPG should be able to run forever- -- why, I don't know.

Finally, permit me to express my admiration that you actually PLAYED the damn thing before judging it. Again, thanks. A link will go up on the site soon.

Ron Edwards, Author of Sorcerer

Thanks Ron. More info on this site is on the links page.

PTG,PTB represents everything I've wanted to see in the way of RPG literature. I used to read Dragon magazine just for the articles by oddballs like Lew Pulsipher. Now maybe I can become just such an outspoken oddball myself. Thanks Guys.
Danny Stevens

We can always use more outspoken oddballs writing for us, Dan. We look forward to any submissions you care to send us.

Steve, this was brilliant. Not exactly formal essay style (I'm a history major, trust me on this one), but well thought out, well researched and exceptionally well written. As you say, a lot of that stuff was entirely new to me, and frequently, the stuff I thought I knew, I didn't. I have but one wee tiny problem, and it is this. The link to information on the four times of gamers (back in the section including Paranoia, etc.) was dead. And so I still don't know what the four types of gamers are. Can you clarify?

This zine is wonderful. I'm in the process of starting to run a campaign (using Champions, no less) for the first time without my favorite GM to help me with the combat. In the past, campaigns I've run have tended towards the rigid plot with no variations or the far more frustrating 'no planning/no plot/play it by ear' style. The articles in this publication have been incredibly insightful regarding GM tips and play assistance. Thankyou. Now, go and work on an issue for January!

Well, it's technically February, but I hope you like it anyway! Glad to hear we could be so helpful. The Four Types of Gamers can now be found here

Awesome magazine, roleplaying culture at its finest! I may even submit an article or two. Definitely adding a link to my page.
Brian Forsse, UCSC

That's one hell of a compliment. Thanks, Brian.


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