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Spread the Word about PTGPTB and Win!

This issue, we're offering you a chance to win a copy of the acclaimed fantasy RPG, FORGE: Out of Chaos from Basement Games. And all you have to do to be in the draw is pass on the word about PTGPTB to your friends! Then simply make sure that when they subscribe, they mention the name and email address of the person who recommended the zine to them. Anyone who subscribes between now and December 31st can enter, and if their name is drawn out, both the subscriber AND the recommender will win the grand prize! Grab your buddy and sign up for your chance to win!

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Go No Con Cancelled!

Last issue, we reported the imminent arrival of the Brisbane RPG convention, Go No Con. Alas, due to other commitments and a lack of entrants, the convention could not go ahead. The organisers offer their apologies for any inconvenience, and thanks for the support they received.

New Home For QUGS

QUGS - or the Queensland University Gaming Society - one of Brisbane's oldest and largest gaming clubs have finally moved on up to better digs in the website world. Check out their brand-spanking new and quite lovely website at

More Translations Going Up!

Our French counterparts continue to expand their site, with yet another translation added recently! Francophones might enjoy the French version of Can Roleplaying Games Deal With Mature Themes?.


JACKSONVILLE, FL: Famed RPG designer Robin D. Laws has designed another damn game, it was revealed today. Industry observers at the Game Invasion 2001 convention reported that Laws, already renowned in the industry for his design work on some seriously ass-kicking games, has gone and laid out another fucker, just like that. Industry experts at the convention further speculated that the Laws must be some kind of fucking genius.


SEATLLE, WA: Fellow Conspiracy X forum poster 'DanjerMann' is "really immature", reported area man Jake Sargent today. According to Sargent, DanjerMann has making highly inappropriate comments on Sargent's favoured ConX list for the last two days. This has included multiple facile one line posts, racist and off-colour jokes and deliberately antagonistic remarks. Sargent went on to say that these comments were so distressing to the other list members that he was regrettably forced to take action. "I slammed that little tosser fanboy into oblivion" said Sargent. "That should send him crying home to his mama".


PHOENIX, AZ: Area roleplayer Michael Chudleigh surprised the gaming world today when he announced that he did not care about the recent release of the historic 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons. He went on to explain that he's never played D&D and has no intentions of starting, even with the new edition. Chudleigh attributes his lack of caring about this issue to the fact that his long-running weekly gaming sessions use a home-brewed system and setting based on the long out-of-print Chill RPG. As a result, he says, his roleplaying has not been effected in the slightest by any movements in the industry for the last ten years. Wizards of the Coast had no comment to make on this unprecedented discovery.

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