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Gaming Links

Here is our regular mixed bag of roleplaying sites, inspiration and general weirdness.

  • GentsIndex
    An English ezine that, whilst it loads very slowly, has loads of content. It has news, articles, system reviews, downloads and special offers and is brought to you by editor Sean Flynn.

Below are a number of useful Chaosium links that cover all their nice systems, Call of Cthulhu, Elric, Pendragon and even Corum.

  • Chaosium Digest Archive - IHGGOL
    This site is hosted in Italy. Hence the funny writing. Do not be put off however as it contains the archives for the long running Chaosium Digest. 12 volumes are available for download in zip format or as an online resources with an index. There is plenty to inspire here.
  • four letters at random
    This is Steve Hatherley's site. He is the editor for Tales of Terror, a CoC resource from Pagan Publishing . He has many ideas for CoC here. He is also one of the luminaries of the UK LARPing scene and this site has information on all of the freeforms he has written and played.
  • Delta Green-Disinformation
    For those who like their Cthulhu modern, here is a Delta Green site. Actually it is the Delta Green site, chock full of goodies such as field reports, scenarios, links to government agencies, a discussion board and short stories. The future of humanity probably depends on you accessing this site, before the clones of Hitler get there.
  • Eternal Champion Roleplaying Games
    This is Tom Zunder's site and covers all the aspects of the Eternal Champion and supports the Eternal Champion mailing list. Tom also said some kind things about me, so here's looking at you.
  • Book of Brilliant Things
    Book of Brilliant Things is a site dedicated to the Elric! roleplaying game and its family of supplements and sourcebooks. Within its pages you will find supporting information, background material, fiction, rules expansions, scenarios, and much more. It is written by Lawrence Whitaker who is the author of Corum and the new edition of Hawkmoon.
  • S-P-O-N-G-E
    S-P-O-N-G-E (that stands for S t o p p i n g - P o w e r f u l - O r g a n i s m s - f r o m - N - G u l f i n g - E v e r y t h i n g) is an organization dedicated to exposing and uprooting the unspeakable horrors that exist on the fringes of our awareness. You can join, and help to defeat the slimy doers of evil! Fill out the historian application, and become part of the SPONGE Historian Network. Oh-er. I'm not quite sure what they are on about but it looks like fun.

We now move away from the wonder that is BRP onto some more general sites.

  • BBC Online - ArtZone - Sonica Home Page
    This is a bit strange and you need the latest Shockwave plugin. Essentially it is a sound effect generator from the BBC. You could quite easily use it to record some spooky sounds for you next game.
  • Quillmaster
    This is the personal site of Geoff Cordery . It contains, if you can get past the annoying Java index, a wealth of articles, scenarios and other game aids primarily aimed at the Heroic Fantasy genre but with a touch of CoC too.
  • Time In
    This is a new UK zine about LARPs, mainly the outdoors sword wielding kind. It has reviews of a number of these from the UK and the US and a couple of articles including a short one on Dallas Egbert III.
  • The Burning Void RPG Resources Page
    This is the work of Heather Grove who writes for White Wolf. She has a number of essays on how to write scenarios and then on how to get them published. There are also some more genre specific World of Darkness pieces and an interesting item on the promotion of the hobby.
    Another site that seems to RPG related. It contains the repository of all the tales of the TRIO of DEATH from 1986 to the present day. These are in the CoC - Daredevils genre and as such could well be used as scenarios for some very foolhardy adventurers. For example, the Lair of Cthulhu adventure starts: Exiting Giant Cave through the timely use of an interdimensional vortex, the Trio arrive at the Planes of Leng: a surreal landscape where Cthulhu and his minions rule. Their only chance of escape lies in holding onto the Book of the Dead... and Cthulhu wants it back!
  • Terraform Home Page
    For you mapping enthusiasts, Terraform is an open source interactive height field generation and manipulation program. Terraform runs under Linux and other UNIX systems under the X11Windowing system, so I can't run it, but it sure does produce some pretty output as the screenshots attest.
  • Fantasy Games Unlimited Online
    Hey! FGU are back! They don't have anything new but they do have a shedload of old stock. So if you want to catch up on those old favourites such as Aftermath!, Bushido, Chivalry and Sorcery, Flashing Blades, Privateers and Gentlemen, PSI World, Space Opera and Villains and Vigilantes, here is your chance. Youngsters can even find out what Sorceror's Cave was all about, and why you need a bigger house to play it.
  • Blach Hat Matt's Storytelling Page
    This site has a number of essays from Matt McFarland about GMing. They cover topics such as atmosphere, what to do when things go wrong and how to care for NPCs. There is also a great piece on The Top 10 Myths about Girl Gamers by Mercurial - who I imagine is not Matt.
  • Games Unplugged On-line
    What is it! Is everyone trying to muscle in our territory? GU have a neat line in artilces to support their paper zine, colour (dammit!) , news, reviews, yada-yada-yada. I bet they even get paid too. Actually, if you do have to read another RPG zine, apart from us, you couldn't do much better.

Found a hot new site on the net? Discovered the missing link? Let us know here.

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