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Here is our regular mixed bag of roleplaying sites, inspiration and general weirdness.

This is the site of our new contributor Rebecca Stevenson. It is one of the best designed and easiest to read sites I have ever seen. There's nothing like buttering up your writers!

On the roleplaying side there are extensive campaign logs and notes for her AD&D, Pendragon, Earthdawn and Villains & Vigilantes games. Does the woman ever sleep?

The Difference Dictionary
Dr. Gunn's Organic History Supplement for The Difference Engine, a novel by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. May also be administered as Dr. Gunn's Patented History Restorer. This is a reference work for all you Steampunk buffs with all you ever needed to know about Laurence Oliphant, Opabinia regalis and Opium.

If this is your cup of tea, then why not take a peek at the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, an excellent diversion from Messers Moore and O'Neil. Not to be confused with this dirty thing.

Mark Baker - Roleplaying
Mark is one of the leading lights in the Castle Falkenstein world. He runs regular games at Cons, in the UK and the US, in his massive African and Hong Kong campaign worlds which are detailed here. He is also a dab hand at Unknown Armies. His ER scenario is well worth a go at any occasion. I had the good fortune to play it at Towercon this year.

This site also contains a wealth of material for Mark's eclectic mix of games: Call of Cthulhu, In Nomine, Millenium's End and a few home brews too.

This is possibly of more interest to UK gamers as this site is run by the Taverners from South East London. On the other hand they do ship world wide. I don't normally advertise shops but this is more about emptying their garage of left-over stuff so the prices are more than reasonable. I mean, TMNT and Other Strangeness is not to be sniffed at for £6.

As a regular contributor to Games, Games, Games, Stephen has put all his reviews up here too. So if you wondered what Zertz was about, or how to spell it, come in and have a look.

No, I don't know what it means either, beyond being the pages of Mike Gentry, stalwart of RPGnet's forums and the man to blame for everything.

Mike is a big fan of Fudge, the roleplaying sort. He presents his versions of Call Of Cthulhu, Unknown Armies, Deadlands, Buffy and the Magic Roundabout. I may have exaggerated but it seems if Mike has seen it, it will be Fudged. And a good thing too!

Dan Dare - Links
Back to the Golden Age of Science Fiction, this site has a full list of links to Dan Dare pages. You mean you don't know Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future? He was the scourge of the Solar System fighting to keep Earth free from alien invasion by the green Treen from Venus and their vicious mushroom shaped leader the Mekon. Dan was a 50's antidote to all those nasty US comics and every week in the Eagle kept the star routes safe for all Englishmen, and women.

Beholder's RPG Zone
Quite a well presented site, airy, with appropriate graphics in small doses. It was created by some Canucks called Dominique Paquin and friends Pierre, Danny and Sylvain. It primarily deals with Wizard's games such as D&D, Starwars and Alternity with a whole host of background material that they use in their house games. It is another of a massive number of sites hosted by RPGhost.

Lyonesse was the first Jack Vance book to have its own roleplaying game, regardless of what it says in the blurb on the back of Dying Earth! The Swiss company that produced it made me an official Man-in-Cheese but seem to have folded so here is a new French site dedicated to supporting this fine game.

History of RPGs
Hola! I make this the 123rd translation of Steve's article, in Spanish this time. That only leaves Pidgin, Yoruba and Albanian.

Advanced Dungeons & Hamsters
Goats, a comic. This is not for the faint-hearted, click at your own risk. It had an RPG connection the other week that made us laugh.

Critical Miss 6
The Magazine for Dysfunctional Gamers is back. We love these guys, they are just so twisted. I think they should branch out as entertainers for children's parties.

Change of Heart - A Buffy Story
Not perhaps our usual fare but this is special. Our ubereditor, Steve Darlington, has written some very good Buffy fiction which you can find here on his website. It may be that I still haven't come down from watching 34 episodes in 10 days but I reckon this is as good as anything I've seen on the gogglebox.

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