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Roleplaying Charities


William J Walton who runs the Escapist, the RPG advocacy site is the author of this site.

In his words, BeQuest is a network of gamers who give of themselves in whatever form they choose - through donations of money, time and effort, or personal sacrifices. These donations will be chronicled here on the page. The benefits of this are twofold:

  1. The community at large benefits as gamers are encouraged to participate in betterment efforts.
  2. The gaming community benefits from positive public relations, and gamers as a whole gain a reputation as positive members of society.

Similarly, GIDFA is an auction of roleplaying gear. Half of the money goes to the September 11th Fund, the other half to the American Red Cross. There will be nothing wasted on administration or any other costs.

Please support both these worthy causes.

Artistic Sites

Art Puppets

This is the website of Tonia Walden, a published RPG artist. You may recognise some of her work for Atlas Games' On The Edge CCG or White Wolf.

There is often new material to browse and inspire your games.

This prosaically named site is one for visual inspiration. Dave Carson has won awards for his book covers and recently did 'Shadows Over Innsmouth'. Fans of Lovecraft will probably be very familiar with his horrific vistas. Go here and dream the dream of Unknown Kadath.

Architectural Prints

Admittedly this was more by way of inspiration for the decadent landscapes of the Dying Earth rpg but some of these prints, Piranesi in particular, can inspire many fantasy games. Sit back and enjoy.

Abandoned Places

More architectural inspiration, this time with an hint of urban decay. Henk van Rensbergen is a pilot for Sabena, the troubled Belgian airline. In his spare time he runs this site which consists of photographs of abandoned buildings and designs for impossible buildings. What is it about Belgians and fantasy buildings?

Historical Sites

The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I

This is a secondary site for roleplayers having no direct links to gaming. What it does have is an enormous wealth of material on the Tudor period. If Good Queen Bess is your bag come here.

Gaming Links

RPG Library - Games

Another site listing RPGs. This time they are all free and there is also space for software, articles and a forum. The design is clean and clear and is the baby of anonymous do-gooders.

La Scénariothèque

Do think English is the natural language for RPGs? You might think again if you came here and read some of the 499 scenarios, 323 game aides or 98 character sheets. French games are slowly making it into the rest of the world and like their films posses a charm all their own. Agone from Multisim is my current interest.

Gaming Report

Gaming Report is a no nonsense RPG news site. The presentation is clear and the news fresh. They even pay for hot tips! There are also reviews and pictures of gaming events to round off a damn fine site.


It isn't enough for Ian O'Rourke to have a beautifully designed site with articles to rival ours but then he goes and bullies me into putting a link to his site. So if some reason you are interested in Books, Comics, Games, TV, Movies etc then get a load of this.

The LARPer

This is webzine of The Live Action Roleplayers Association (LARPA). This is a non-profit organisation that exists exclusively to promote live roleplaying around the world. LARPA does not run games, and does not promote any one system, group, or type of event. LARPA supports and promotes all live roleplaying, and LARPA members come from many different groups, backgrounds, and types of event. Slightly less po faced than last issue's Swedish site, LARPer has nevertheless some weighty articles such as "Sex and the Interactive Drama: Issues of Consent and Harassment" along with the more usual that tell you how to build a tank.

Fudge Factor

This is the new fanzine from Grey Ghost games dedicated to all things Fudge. This is the first issue and so is perhaps a little light on content but I imagine that will change as the Fudge community contributes more to it. The presentation is once again clean and crisp with options for printable versions of the articles if you must chop down a tree.

Fictional Reality

Mark Theurer is the man behind this project, a fanzine in pdf format for miniature gamers. There are five issues with a new one planned in December. Each has a very nice full colour cover and is chock full of news, reviews, articles and scenarios. There are colour photographs illustrating the articles and even some adverts.

Personal Pages

The All-Seeing Eye Ball Kid

Where do they get the time? It takes me weeks just to do this crummy list and people such as Zak below and Dylan Craig here not only produce great sites but they are chockfull of Good Stuff too. This one has loads of home-grown games and more on Unknown Armies, Deadlands and Space 1889. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Sheesh!


Harlekin-Maus is Zak Arntson's title for his indie rpgs. He is a published game designer and his games are wonderfully inventive. There's the 50's Radio Pulp of Adventures In Space, Sitcom set in "T.V. Hell" and Sketchbuk. This last game comes with over 200 illustrations from which to choose your superhero character. Zak is a class act.


I promised Paul Elliot to make up for forgetting that he is English. Coming from the Independent (not to say touchy) Republic of Yorkshire I wasn't sure he wanted to be tarred with such a brush. You have to forgive him any irascibility however when you read all the great free games he has designed, Mars, Zenobia, Zaibatsu and my favourite free game, The Ladder. This last is stunning in its simplicity and will appeal to Over The Edge fans everywhere. Where does he get the time, I can only imagine has no life.

Random Order Creations

This site is the creation of James West. It is notable for a strange front page graphic that never loads properly and two fine free games, Sigil and the Pool. Discussion of the theory and application of these games can be found at the Forge, the GNS home site.

Nearly Empty Rooms

Whether you know him as Mytholder, Gar or Gareth Hanrahan, this Irish fellow has quite a presence the roleplaying boards across the internet. His site has hidden on it some pretty damn good scenarios. I played Kind Hearts at Towercon last year. Not only was it innovative but managed to keep 2 really drunk players interested to well past midnight.

The Mists of the Aeons

Christian Conkle is a Cthulhu scholar. This glorious website is a treasure trove of gaming resources for mainstream CoC and Delta Green and along with articles, fan fiction and links to other sites. A worthy addition to anyone's favourites list.

Gilded Moose Games

The Golden Moose of Gaming brings the joy that is a free rpg for those with an artistic bent. Scott Knipe has also made eight other games and one has even been translated in French. But then of course so have we so it's not that special.

My Home Page

A strange one this. The author is of note having been published in Pyramid®, Journal of the Travellers Aid Society®, Shadis and Sabledrake magazine, but does not give his name. I assume "his" because of the wealth of Traveller Gearhead material. However for you lees technically minded there is also a lot of good GURPS stuff here including GURPS Traveller but also Celtic and Viking campaigns. Some searching has unearthed the moniker Brandon Cope.

The 43rd dimension on the left

Galfraxas, aka Tim Boser, is not one for giving us something that is easy to read. On the other had his free rpgs are worth braving the difficult design. He has four games here: The Fifth Trait, a super simple generic RPG, Magical Crimes Division combining crime dramas and fantasy magicians, Dead Eyes, about being a zombie and The Blackest Sea that combines swashbuckling pirate adventure with the inky blackness of space.

My Role Playing Games Links

Another uninspired title links us to Dale Cunningham's drably presented pages. My main interest was the free NPC generator (for Win only, sorry Mac fans) but there are also a couple of homebrew games and some conversions such as D20 to Rune Quest and another from RQ to d6. I guess you could use this to go from D20 to d6 if you wanted.

Feng Shui

This is better. Not only does the anonymous author list some fine Feng Shui rules variants, scenarios and links but if you go back a step you'll find yourself in an Ars Magica covenant with much more "stuff".


This is an online gaming community for Yahoo Chat run by Tina Wells. It is well designed, eye-catching and you could spend hours just scratching the surface of this site. There seem to be a fair number of active players so why not pop along for a look.

Steve Barr.Com

You want Feng Shui? You've got it! This page has a number of FS articles, links to much background material and even one to a page full of villain pictures. People called Steve, I say, "More Please". Even if Steve Barr is a bit of a gun bunny.

Rune Quest Slayers

Remember the acrimonious divorce Avalon got Rune Quest and Greg Stafford got Glorantha. On half of the equation was Hero Wars by Issaries Inc, an interesting but flawed game that does capture that Gloranthan ethos. This site hosts the other side of the deal, the ill-fated Rune Quest Slayers game which is now free to download as a 7.5 Mb pdf file. It is full colour and professional quality so could be worth your while.

Random Generators


Some more random madness, this time words: Character, Place (anyone here from Mizukamiage, Maine?) and even Brand Names can be created by the bucket load. If you are into Language machines there is really so much here. The site looks great too, Paul Ford has done a great job.

The Page of Generators

Seventh Sanctum from Steven Savage hosts this extensive list of randomisers. They are all pretty much spot on for roleplaying from Anime Attack Moves, Princess Feather Punch for example, to Landscapes and Villainous Plots. You could write a whole Feng Shui scenario without moving from here.

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator

Lee Seitz's not so useless generator is great for games of Stuper Powers, you can create whole teams of strangely named guys who were their underwear on the outside. I can't think why but this is my favourite so far:

Sun Pl@typu$

Power: Escape artist
Source of powers: Extra-terrestrial willpower
Weapon: Fire Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Transportation: Meteor Tube

Chris Pound's Name Generation Page

Does exactly what it says in the title. If you need a name for your pokethulhu character, an eskimoid, a Barsoomian this is the place. What's more it even has a Dying Earth Spell generator. Zohixisle's swampy farce anyone? How about hitting someone with Vassmausk's cadaverous interdict or Elenazdai's cheap spurt? That kept me chortling for a while.

Do you know of a great site that deserves a link here? Then email us!

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