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There is a slightly different bent to this issue's links pages. We'll start with the usual round up of the interesting things I have seen on the web since the last issue.

Yog-Sothoth a very nice CoC resource from Paul Maclean. Great layout, up to date and loads of content including Pagan Publishing's End Time project.

Hermes Portal is an Ars Magica fanzine site. It is in pdf format by email only and is now up to its second issue. One of the regular writers is Sheila Thomas who wrote the Drones roleplaying game so quality is assured.

Smart Monsters is a new company running free online games. Their first, Triad City, is currently in beta testing. If you want to get the feel of the game I suggest starting with their essay Can a Game be Literature? Their website is smartly designed and what's more they gave me a free mug.

The Inner Voice is the personal website of Andrew Frades. One of his many jobs is freelance game writer and you can appreciate his skill in the various campaigns that are detailed on his website. My favourite is the early Traveller game set in 2087.

The Bergsburg Project is a collaborative effort from Warhammer players across the world to develop a city " setting for inspired adventuring". It is well presented and the material is reminiscent of the old city in Imagine, Pelinore.

Silver Key is a new roleplaying portal. It hasn't really got going yet but is well enough presented to be useful to gamers.

The Pendragon Family Tree Generator is a marvellous tool for all Pendragon GMs. Now you no longer need spend hours with the rule book working out how many uncles each character has or if they have easy access to a magician. Simply fill in the form and press the button thanks to Mark Cummins. Strangely enough, if you look further up in his website you'll also find loads of Judge Dredd gaming information.

Guide du Roliste Galactic is the portal for roleplaying in France. It is chock full of news, reviews and what's more the owner Philippe likes us. Let's hear it for Philippe!

D&D meets BRP in French (or BASIC as it is known there) is one of a number of conversions by MC Gianni. And what's more he's another guy who likes us, as witnessed by this snippet: "des respectables fanzines plutôt intellos comme PTGPTB". If we had any more trumpets, I'd blow them too.

The Big Weekend website doesn't have much to show for itself at the moment but this is the Grand Day Out for Australian Gamers in Queensland. So get your dice ready for the weekend of the 4th-6th of May.

What It Might Be Like To Live In Viriconium is a piece by author M. John Harrison that approaches the touchy subject of literature and games. He's my favourite author even though he designed Viriconium to be unsuitable for gaming. Too late though, I'd already done it before reading his article.

Fantastic Metropolis is a Science Fiction and Fantasy zine and portal. Here you can find reviews of films and books, articles by many well known authors and even a small section on roleplaying. This section is only really notable as the sole link is to a review of Fulminata by our very own Steve Darlington.

This bring us neatly on to the second section of this month's links. They are all sites whose choice has been inspired by Steve. For starters, here are few sites that cover two of his favourite games: Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For Turtles the choice is a bit limited, we have Steve's review on RPGnet and the Official TMNT website.

For the ghost buttkickers amongst you there is much more, Steve's review and a host of other sites:

And for the main course he are a few of the websites across the world where Steve gets a mention:

  • From Finland, Steve's contribution to the hilarious "You Might Be a Gamer if" list. "You've published a gaming fanzine" is one of his contributions.
  • From Japan, Steve gets a name check in this otherwise unreadable page of gibberish.
  • From France, Steve is noted as the editor of this very zine on France's premier roleplaying portal.
  • A quote from Steve, one of his most common references on the web also to be found here, adorns this page also from Japan. The author, Mark Hughes, misuses an apostrophe so he is on Steve's death list, which is a shame because he has put together quite a useful site.
  • The proof that Steve is mortal after all can be found on this also hilarious page of character deaths. If the web has given us one thing it is funny lists.
  • To prove that Steve is more than just a roleplaying giant, smile at his contribution to this page on French literature.
  • Finally, here is the evidence that Steve had a day job.

For our very last link here is one for some roleplaying groups where Steve might be turning up sometime soon.

Found something special on the net? Why not tell us?

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