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Here's a mixed bag of things to get started:

OD&Dities Richard Tongues Original D&D fanzine. A founder member of SteveCon

Fallout The Pencil and Paper Role-Playing Game A whole game with complete rules, several source books for the CRPG background and other places as well as scenarios, links and downloads. A massive site, a good site.

In honour of International Frog day, here are several pictures of frogs and toads including the paradoxical frog, so named because it is smaller than it's tadpole.

Calamity Jon's Journal This guy is a gamer, and what's more he draws pictures of chewable babies for Polar bears. Why? Who cares, just read it, it's funneee. Project Filelist Something for D20 players, a really massively complete d20 fantasy character generator. It's got pretty much all stats from all the races and books you could think of and it's open source. Snaffle this Java monster here.

Victorian GURPS It's GURPS, right, but for Victorians. Learn the etiquette of dice rolling, which way to pass the port during the game and whether 'tis acceptable to dismiss a servant for knocking over your glass onto the battlemat. Alternatively it could be the most enormous collection of GURPS Victorian rules and scenarios that you're ever likely to encounter. Thank you, Mark Whitley.

Burning Void Writing Resources Page Heather Grove is a roleplaying writer. She has put together all this so that you know where to look for writing tips and inspiration. She's also got a good list of research links and roleplaying resources. It really is good. Photoshop Contests This is a real mixed bunch and you might have to search around to find something useful. It's a load of competition entries to various art photoshop contests such as designing mythical creatures, alien photographs, the unwise use of powertools and other such fun items. Some entries may not be suitable for minors, and some for miners.

I've been running d20 Call of Cthulhu and here are some of the links I used in my game:

Dossier Covert Ops and Secret Documents This resource has real CIA documents on UFOs and MK-ULTRA and loads more besides. What every modern conspiracy GM needs.

The Smoking Gun More real documents for use in modern games. This time it's the turn of celebrity police files.

Open Directory - Games Roleplaying Genres Horror Call of Cthulhu It's a big list of Cthulhu resources, what did you expect?

Digital Eidolon A Collection of Blasphemous Mysteries, Horrifying Creatures of Unknown Origin, and Other Material for Use in the Call of Cthulhu RPG, or so it says on the site. And who are we to contradict. This is Mike Mearls' archive of d20 Cthulhu feat, creatures and tomes.

Tim's d20 Errata & Notes Here's that big ol' list of Cthulhu inspired booboos from the d20 book and the GM pack.

DnDChick's Realm My Call of Cthulhu Page More d20 Cthulhu goodness, mostly creature conversions and a few NPCs. Why am I bothering with all this d20 stuff. Well, I've been running it. You can read the results here. There are three parts so you may have to do some scrolling.

Wyrm Software Here's some freeware from Wyrm that creates random CoC PCs, creatures and names. A nifty utility from Laurence Mee

Google Directory - Science Anomalies and Alternative Science Voynich Manuscript The Voynich Manuscript was found in Italy in the early 20th century and has never been translated. It might be a hoax or it might be some Cthuthloid tome. You can even get pictures of some of the pages from these links.

Google Directory - Science Anomalies and Alternative Science If the Voynich Manuscript is too tame for you, surf around these other links for some more weird things from gyroscopic inertialess thrusters to the non-helical DNA theory.

Finally here's two more things I use in Cthulhu games for when characters wig out and kill something, or someone. It’s the useful Competency to Stand Trial rules and the HyperGUIDE to the Mental Health Act . Should the PC go down, or will they just get away with 20 years in an institution? You can now make that call.

Care to share your bookmarks? Found the mising link? Then send your favourites, along with some description for each link, to!

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