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Another year goes by with not enough gaming and no PTGPTB!

So what the hell happened? Life. The real kind.

It seems the old adages are true and time really does appear to run faster the older you get. In truth, its probably more that the amount you have to do just keeps building up. All those lists and todos that you just don't get around to. Well, that is our excuse anyway.

But what's yours?

My call to arms last year was not as successful as I had hoped. So this year I thought I'd try posting some job wanted advertisements.

Position:"Once Upon A Time" contributors
Description:You are a roleplayer and so have natural storytelling abilities. Put them to work by writing about an amusing anecdote about your first game, favourite gaming moment, or other story.

Position:General contributor
Description:You've got some great ideas and would like a soap-box for sharing them. Come and share them with our audience. We'll help with the writing and provide a recognised, stable place to show case them.

Position:Assistant editor
Description: Tired of waiting too long for your next PTGPTB fix? Feel you could do way better? Then this might be for you. Please contact us to discuss our recruitment process.

Think you can help? Imagine the kudos and renown!

On a more serious side: we get many emails from people asking when we will publish next. The answer is: when we have articles to publish. So, what are you waiting for? Please email us your ideas, articles, or offers of help. We're looking forward to them!

But before you do that, get stuck into our latest issue! This month sees the conclusion to M. Joseph Young's Theory 101. This part explores the different schools of gaming theory. Steve Darlington adds his contribution to this lore with a call for more realistic characters: people in the real world are stupid and we'll have a more realistic world if our characters are too.

Next up we have an interview with documentary maker Eric Power. We discuss his film Swordplay which explores the world of Amtgard a live action role playing community originating in El Paso, Texas.

Speaking of Origins, we have some tips for creating parties and campaigns that break the tired old mold of adventurers meeting in an Inn with Matthew Ree's No Ordinary Party. Finally we conclude with another take on D&D when Alex Loke returns.

PTGPTB is here to stay. We've renewed the domain to 2015. Happy gaming!

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