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Places to Go, People to Be is a fan site dedicated to RPG hobbyists. We want to provide you with a meeting place where you can share your thoughts, and read others thoughts regarding our hobby. The overall goal of our copyright policy is to ensure that that our authors' works and rights are respected. To this end:

  1. We do not ask for 'exclusivity' from our authors. If you submit to us, you are free to do whatever you like with your own work.
  2. We encourage translation of the zine, but we ask that budding translators seek permission. Please email us at theeditors AT ptgptb DOT org if you are interested in making a translation.
  3. Readers are encouraged to reference our articles in their own work by pointing to our website. Reasonable quotes are obviously okay. Complete reproductions require permission. Please see the readers section below for complete details.


By submitting material for publication authors extend a royalty free, nonexclusive license to Places to Go, People to Be to modify, translate, and incorporate their material into our website, our affiliated translators' websites, and other publications.

Authors are free to make use of their material, either in original or edited form, for their own purposes, including submission to other publications.

The author's agreement for publication of their material on is an agreement for publication in all versions of Places to Go, People to Be (online, newsletter, French and other language translations). The editors have exclusive agreement with translators to ensure that the versions of Places to Go, People to Be in different languages respect the same copyrights as stated on this page.

Places to Go, People to Be will:

  • Prior to publication, confirm that the author still wishes to have their article published.
  • Ensure appropriate credits to the Author including reasonable requests for links, logos, and legal mentions requested by the author.


Readers are not allowed to reproduce content of Places to Go, People to Be on any website, in any newsletter, or by any other means physical or electronic, without permission.

Readers are granted the rights they need to view Places to Go, People to Be's publications in their legal jurisdiction.

Readers agree to credit both authors and the zine for any reasonable quotation that they make of the material contained in the articles. When linking to the zine, "deep links" to individual articles are fine.


Authors will be solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of their contributions. The opinions expressed here are those of the individual authors, and not necessarily those of Places to Go, People to Be or its editors.

However, neither the authors, nor editors, will be held in any way liable for any use that may be made of information obtained from the magazine.

Other rights holders

All other web site material is copyright Places to Go, People to Be (1998 — 2008) unless otherwise noted. Games system names, corporation names and other information contained herein are trademarked by their respective owners.

Questions or concerns? Email us: theeditors AT ptgptb DOT org.

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