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Issue 2, April 1998

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Well, we're back. In our second superlative issue, we're tackling the question "What is Role-Playing?" It's a good question, and often one that's hard to answer. Andrew Rilstone, our first celebrity guest writer, gives us his comments, along with others. These are joined by the continuing History of Role-Playing, plus news, links and your mail. And, oh yes: to win a copy of the new Men in Black RPG, see below. And see the editorial for all the other details. Cheers, Ed.


Men in Black Pic

Here's your chance to WIN a free copy of West End Games' hot new "Men in Black" RPG. Based on the hit film, the game uses the award winning "D6" system to produce a game that's very stylish, action-packed and heaps of fun to boot. And all you have to do to enter is register yourself as a reader of PTG, PTB, by sending us your email address. Not only will this give you a chance to win this great game, but it also means we can let you know the second our next issue hits the stands, virtually speaking. So, click here to register now, or we'll send the MIB round to your place, quick smart. Look directly into the red light, please citizen....

Contest closes 8th June, 1998. No multiple entries allowed. No PTG, PTB staff members, or relatives thereof may enter. The editor's decision is dubious but final. No correspondence will be entered into. Your mileage may vary.

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