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Gaming Links

Well, if you read our last issue, you'd know that we stacked all the best links we could find in our first links page. Thus our subsequent links pages may be a bit less voluminous, and perhaps a bit less widely useful to the average gamer. However, we will aim provide quality, if not quantity, and to offer a handful of jewels rather than a truckload of tripe. After all, the web is a VERY big place, so we're sure you'll still find something surprisingly interesting in the pieces of flotsam and jetsam we present each issue.

  • Firstly, we must recommend one of our fellow Australian fanzines, Oblivion's End. This is a great looking beastie, with a beautiful castle graphic on its front page (and it doesn't take years to load). The content is good quality and plenty of it, but focuses mostly on wargaming. There is the odd splash of role-playing though, including a nicely done campaign world that would be great for any fantasy campaign. Good stuff.

  • Speaking of Aussie boys, this site contains a fairly comprehensive list of Australian RPG links. The list must be good because it includes us! This is a great idea, especially if you're sick of all the US and UK stuff that dominates the RPG sphere of the internet. Kudos to Tonia for creating and maintaining the site. This page also links to some other RPG links and stuff, so there's plenty to keep you amused.

  • Another good links site is this little site, done up by a British guy called Jason Anthony. It includes some of the smaller ones, the more esoteric ones, and the European ones that RPGNet and others tend to miss. Once again, the list has much credibility because of the high class of fanzines they include in their listings (cough, cough). The other bonus of this site is that it has a sharp and well summarised "What is Role-Playing" section that might be handy, should you be questioned by outsiders and don't feel like asking them to read the detailed essays on the subject featured in this issue.

  • We also stumbled across a site dedicated to the examination and exposition of role-playing at a deeply intellectual level. Unfortunately, though its ideals are to be lauded, its content is rather sparse and non-existent. What is featured, however, may get your brain turning in interesting directions. You can find it here.

  • OK, it's not striclty gaming, but there can't be many gamers out there who aren't fans of those Lords of the Skies, the Kings of Creation, the Mightiest of All Beasts. I speak of course, of Dragons, the ultimate symbol of fantasy, magic and power beyond imagining. For all things Draconian, may we strongly recommend, the quintessential dragon site. Dragon art, pics, info, cultural references, the biggest list of dragon links anywhere and enough dracology to keep even the keenest dracophile happy for months. Simply the best dragon site on the net.

  • And OK, this isn't exaclty role-playing either, but it could prove very useful. Take a trip sometime to This site is pretty much the ultimate map machine: simply click on a place in the world and you can zoom in, all the way to the street level! A great way to get maps if your game's set on Earth and you can't find a New York street map at your local library (despite the fact that some games seem to suggest this is a likely event - yeah right!). And even if you're not playing on Earth, a map of the Outer Hebrides, or the Upper Volta (with the names removed) could prove just as useful.

  • Lastly, if you're interested in Briscon, but can't seem to remember the website address, and can't seem to find the address elsewhere in this issue, we include it here as well for your convenience. Check it out here, then get your name down, and get your butt out there on May 2nd!

Found a hot new site on the net? Discovered the missing link? Let us know here.

We're also looking for someone to help us compose and maintain this page. If you are interested in giving up your free time to paw through piles of net garbage for that odd glimmer of genius, for no other reward then a sense of a job well done, talk to us here.

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