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Issue 22, September 2002

In this issue:

Start with a roulade of regulars. Add one part Galaxy Far Far Away to one part Russian Folklore. Fold in pleas for creative game design. Mix thoroughly. Add Spice of Roleplaying Advocacy to taste. Congratulations! You have baked PTGPTB Issue 22. Bon Appetit.



This issue we are proud to give away a free copy of issue #4 of Hermes Portal. This is a high quality pdf format magazine for Ars Magica. It has scenarios, background ideas, rules discussions and new spells.

To win just answer this simple question:

Sheila Thomas is the editor of Hermes Portal. Which spiffing free roleplaying game did she co-create in 1995?

Hint: The answer can be found in a recent issue of this magazine.

The winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers received. The Editor's decision is final

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