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A few bits and pieces to start with:

Anvilwerks is the independent RPG publishing venture of Clinton R. Nixon. There are three complete games here and an extension to Ron Edwards' award winning Sorcerer . These are high quality pdf games. I liked Donjon so much I even paid for the hardcopy.

George Eastman House Photographic Archive
This is a series of Victorian photographs, not wildly useful on it's own but it could come in handy for LARPers or just getting a flavour of those bygone days - check out the jiu-jitsu for women!

It's just my opinion, I could be wrong...
Bill Walton of the Escapist goes Harry Potter crazy and tries to really cast those spells. A real hoot!
Gamegrene is a nicely put together roleplaying portal and magazine. They publish articles and reviews and we share a contributor in J.S. Majer

Game Mastering Secrets
Game Mastering Secrets is a new book by Grey Ghost Press which is supported by this site. It has a number of useful links and a couple of articles. hopefully it will become more active soon.

The Jamie Fraser Bookshop
I went to this bookshop whilst in Toronto recently and picked up a couple of very nice Lovecraft paperbacks. They have tons of stuff that's not online too so drop Jamie a line if you've got a hole in your collection..

Welcome to the intersection of scholarship and role playing.
More pretentious snobbery? Not at all! This site covers using gaming for more constructive purposes than just having fun and has a few resources and links for those interested in the educational angle. Sadly it hasn't been updated recently.

Here's more of a themed bunch on esoteric and horror games:

Ian Young is another independent game designer I admire. He's also got a number of Nephelim files he wrote for Chaosium a while back.
More Nephelim goodness in the shape of a French Roleplaying site. This is the official site from Multisim.

Into The Shadows RPG
Into The Shadows is a free Horror/Adventure RPG created using the D6 Role-Playing System from West End Games by Craig Griswold. This site has the full rules, the GM book and several adventures. There are even some screensavers including Hellboy, which is what lead me here.

Chris' Home Port Roleplaying Renaissance Venice
This is a very complete site for Ars Magica and was inspired by Mary Gentle's White Crow novels. There's lots of background information on living in the 17th century and a timeline for Ars Magica too.

Horror Gaming Articles -
Here's a collection of articles about how to run horror games. They've been around a bit but they cover a wide range of games from Hunter to Little Fears, background material, movie inspirations and tips on running games in this genre. -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
This resources is particularly useful for those of you into esoteric gaming such as Ars Magica, Nephelim or even Nobilis. It's a big old collection of symbols and their meanings.

Ninth Art
Often an inspiration for roleplaying, this site takes a deep look a comics. Check out the article on magic and the occult by Alasdair Watson.

The Malleus Maleficarum
The Hammer of Witches! This is the text of the infamous 15th Century guidebook for Inquisitors during the Inquisition, and was designed to aid them in the identification, prosecution, and dispatching of Witches. A great gaming resource.

Twilit Grotto -- Esoteric Archives
More general esoterica this time, covering some major figures from the early Renaissance: Dee, Bruno, Agrippa and others along with symbols and links.

Unknown Armies
This game has just got a second edition and this site has lots of great stuff for all you "obsessive freakjobs"! Thank you, Mr Tynes.

And to finish, a few lighter items:

LBB Front-Cover Rendering Machine
A must for all Traveller fans! Create your won books covers after the fashion of those early adventures and black rulebooks. Brilliant! Home Lair
All the best villains come here. It tells you what lairs and in this year and how much your henchmen will set you back. A must for all aspiring world rulers.

Pen & Paper - RPG Database Steve Dempsey
Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. This is my entry on the database of roleplaying writers. Check out the big names for something to aspire to.

Care to share your bookmarks? Found the mising link? Then send your favourites, along with some description for each link, to!

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