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I am a member of the Israeli Roleplaying society.

I saw your article on rolleplaying in Japan and am very interested in it. I am now visiting Japan (just for a little while unfortunately), and it gave me an idea to write an article about roleplaying in Japan. Then I found your article.

We have a newsletter that goes out 6 times a year and concerns roleplaying issues. The society is a non-profit organization and the newsletter is not for profit making.

So... I ask if I can use informaiton from your article?

Thank you very much,
Adi Yogev

We are glad you liked the article! Perhaps you'd like to write an article about role-playing in Israel? Because your society is non commercial we are happy for you to reproduce the article as is, but any translations or alterations would need to be approved seperately — Eds.

My name is Sandee Rager and I'm a contributing editor for MarsDust. MarsDust is an online fandom magazine and we are doing an investigative piece on satanic panic and the world of fandom. I recently read an article on D&D/Dallas Egbert by Shaun Hately. That article is the exact content and reason we are doing this piece.

To let you know a little about MarsDust, we are quarterly and currently viewed world-wide. We combine what normally isn't: horror, music, science fiction, fashion, goth, anime, comics, and much more. In past issues we have featured Rob Zombie,Toronto Goth,'The Crow' screenplay writer John Shirley, Devo, Henry Rollins, UK fashion Dracinabox, Poppy Z. Brite, and many more. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Sandee Rager

Thanks for the kind words — we will be sure to pass them on to Shaun! The topic just doesn't seem to go away: we too are running more on moral panics in this issue.

Great article by Shaun Hately dealing with the story of Dallas Egbert, I live very close to MSU and have been on campus many times (even to Case Hall where Dallas lived) anyway, do you have any information on what happened to his family after his return or suicide.
Mike Banyas

I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. It's one of our most popular, along with Steve Darlington's history. I'm afraid we don't have any information regarding the aftermath of the affair. Perhaps your local paper might be able to help. — Eds.

I am interested in your zine, which I have heard a lot of good things about. Do you review fantasy wargames that are similar to Warhammer? I am running a new play-by-email game called Dragonlords, which plays like a giant boardgame. I think many of your readers would be interested to hear about it. Anyone can join and play for free as long as they like. The website is at

It is very detailed, and modelled after Warhammer and Middle Earth. I appreciate any comments you have, and I can supply a short description or review of the game if needed. We have a community of several hundred players.


We're afraid that wargames are outside of our antifesto: while there is a big overlap between gamers who wargame and gamers who role-play, we are strictly about role-playing. Sorry. But there is no doubt a big overlap in our readership so thanks for giving our reader's the headsup! — Eds.

Dear PTGPTB, My name is Eyal, and I'm the owner of I want to let you know that I've just placed a link to AD&D is the Tool of Satan on my directory.

I'm using this title to link to your site: 'AD&D is the Tool of Satan'. This is the description that is being used: 'A critique by Gary Pellino'. Please let me know if you want me to change the Title/Description that was given to your website.

I'll be very happy if you could add a link back to my site. I would also appreciate your opinion about my directory, and if you could let me know when the link to my site will be added to your site.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the link Eyal! We're not sure 'critique' is the best word. Satire. Spleen. Rant. These might be better descriptions. Your site has gathered together a good collection of links and the thumbnails are interesting. Lose the pop-ups though: they add nothing to your site and punish user's who know how to use their web browser. — Eds.

Hello? Is there anyone at home??

Thank you to everyone of you who wrote in to encourage us to publish a new issue. We received rather too many of these to reproduce here but rest assured they were all appreciated! — Eds.

Your comments encourage authors and editors alike. Please keep them coming in!

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