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What is Places to Go, People to Be?

The Mission Statement

"Places to Go, People to Be" is an internet fanzine devoted to role-playing and role-playing games. It is put together by gamers, for gamers and contains what we believe to be the highest quality material about our games available. It is dedicated to gamers everywhere, and in particular to those in Australia and Brisbane. With your help, we will attempt to make this the best gaming magzine on the net.

The Justification for our Existence

We believe that this magazine can offer something new and interesting to the gaming community, despite the large amount of RPG material already available on the internet. This is for three reasons. Firstly, because we believe that our magazine will be of the highest quality, and that what we and our writers have to say is informative, intelligent and entertaining. Secondly, we believe that, given the amazing, revolutionary concept behind role-playing games, and the diverseness and richness of the hobby, there is always room for more discussion and investigation on the subject. Thirdly, we have noticed a distinct lack of Australian RPG sites and magazines, and none in our home city of Brisbane. We believe we should work to combat this lack, as well as use the site to build up the gaming networks within our city and the surrounding areas.

The Content

In designing the magazine, we realised that RPG magazines are generally made up of seven things: News, Gaming Resources, Reviews, Fiction, Articles, Columns and Forums. After surfing the net, it became apparent that the first four were present in large numbers, right across the net. Whereas the amount of intelligent analysis, informed discussion and poignant investigation into our hobby was quite small. Hence we decided to concentrate on providing the last three categories. Of course, we still publish important news, information about exciting new games, the occasional review, the odd campaign setting and maybe a bit of fiction occasionally, but these are not our chief focus. So it may happen that our news is out of date, or our reviews inadequate or our resources unuseful, because we have sacrificed some quality here to ensure better quality in our articles and columns. If you are more concerned with when the latest Rifts supplement will come out, or getting rules tips for adding uzis to a Steampunk campaign, we suggest you look elsewhere.

For more on the content of the magazine, please examine our Antifesto.

The History

The idea of the magazine's inception came about after last years' demise of the British print RPG magazine, "arcane". Our editor, Steve, having a few articles and ideas published in arcane and having many more unfinished, felt the loss of arcane was cutting off an artistic outlet in his life. This outlet has thus been filled by channeling his efforts into creating the magazine. Gary Pellino quickly added his enthusiasm, and others were then cajoled into joining the project.

Originally, the idea was to do a print version, but many argued vociferously against that, especially Brett, and history must tip its hat to him for doing so. On the net we have far greater production values and far greater distribution, for much less cost. History must also tip its hat to Ray for his HTML know-how allowed us to implement our dream.

The Antifesto

In determining the form the 'zine would take, the editors reviewed the magazines currently available, both in print and on the net, to gain ideas. In the end, however, the strongest ideas formed were of what the magazine would NOT be like. This led to the creation of the "Antimanifesto", or, as we now call it, the antifesto. Rather than list what the magazine is, the antifesto lists what it is not:

The PTG, PTB Anti-Manifesto:

PTG, PTB is not a site with just a few lines on role-playing, followed by a huge list of links to other RPG sites, resources, MUDs, and chat rooms. Though we will list some interesting and useful links, we will try to make sure our site is so good you won't really want to leave it.

It is not a site where a small clique of people you've never heard of chat to each other about some "hilarious" campaign they played last week in Connecticut. We want to be a voice for all gamers, to all gamers.

It is not a site that is actually a front for a small publication company, such that half of what it contains is advertising for the publishers' new game.

In fact, it is not a site that panders to any company, game or other merchandising product whatsoever.

It is not a site that talks at great length about wargaming, or CCG's or computer games or anything else that is clearly not role-playing. We do realise, however, that there is no strict definition of an RPG, but talk about deck building or model painting, or even BFGs, belongs elsewhere.

It is not a site where power-gamers can load down new rules, or tables, or characters for a particular rules system or setting. We want to look at the heart of gaming, not the meaningless chattels and trappings. We will not publish any stats whatsoever.

In fact, it is not a site that panders to any one particular game setting, system or style of role-playing whatsoever. However, we will also not pander to munchkins and their kin.

It is not a site that takes ages to download and then has nothing new on it anyway. We will use a minimum of graphics and effects, and try and ensure that the material is always easily accessible, and easily read.

It is not a site that stays exactly the same for six months while the new "monthly" issue is being designed. We will try and be punctual and regular, but should we fail to do so, we will make sure that you are the first to know why, and when you can expect the new issue.

It is not a site that is in a closed mindset, or in any way unwelcoming to reader queries, ideas and submissions, both great and small. We don't want our magazine to be merely a showcase for the editor's ideas.

It is not a site that talks down to its readers, or fails to treat our hobby with the respect it warrants. However, it is also not a site that doesn't know how to take the piss out of itself, and anything else in the industry.

It is not a site hastily cobbled together for lack of anything better to do. It is a labour of love, and we hope you enjoy it.

In short, we want PTG, PTB to be an incisive and intriguing examination of role-playing and all its facets, presented in an accessible, unbiased and entertaining way, for all gamers to enjoy at their leisure.

The Name

The name Places to Go, People to Be was originally devised by Steve Darlington, one of the editors. Running late for a gaming session one night, and stuck in traffic, he yelled out "Out of my *$@#ing way! I've got places to go, people to be!" When in a more sane frame of mind, it occurred to him that this was quite a brilliant little quip that nicely summarised role-playing.

Six months later, when we began to design the fanzine, the phrase resurfaced from Steve's subconcious as a suggestion for the title. If you would like to see the long list of names we also came up with, click here. Some of the more pathetic ones we left out, but trust me, you don't want to see them. Eventually, though after consulting as many people as possible (including the Gods), Places to Go, People to Be was the clear winner. At least, it was the only one that everyone could live with.

The only problem with the title was that it was quite a mouthful. Hence it is always shortened now to PTG,PTB. Which is still a bit of a tongue-twister anyway. But it was too late. We needed a name, and PTG,PTB stuck. Now we have come to love it, even if we still can't pronounce it.

Look and Feel

Our new look and feel (debuting in issue 19) was designed by Orie Hiromachi with thematic assistance from Andy Kitkowski.

Other Acknowledgements

The Editor in Chief wishes to thank the following people for helping to bring about the magazine:

"Well, gee, I really didn't expect to win, so I didn't prepare anything. Wow. Gosh. Umm...thanks first to Ray, for all his help, couldn't have done it without you, and Gary for his energy and drive, and for writing so much stuff. And special thanks to Brett, for believing in me from the very beginning, and helping me all the way. Geee, this is so great. Umm, let's see, well, thanks to both my sisters, of course, for keeping me in touch with reality; thanks to Don for editorial advice; thanks to Simon too, for his advice from one who'd already made his own zine. Oh - a BIG, big thankyou to Andrew Rilstone, who is a constant, amazing influence and inspiration on me to both write and play better. Oh god, who else...well, all my friends for their advice and support, my parents, all the nice people who are letting us advertise for free, and anyone else who helped, and all of you who are reading the magazine. Thank you all very much, and thank you most of all to God for giving me the strength and skill to pull this off. Well, I know you all came to see more important people than me, so I'll shut up now. I love you! Thank you!"

For more on the magazine, see the Who is PTG, PTB? page, or you can mail us with any questions you may have at


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