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What's in a Name?


The first ones we came up with were slightly derivative:

The Dragon's Mouth (and in "straight from the")

The Dragon's Tongue/Claw/Tooth etc etc


Dragonslaying (enough already)

Polyhedron was taken, but what about Icosohedron, or Dodecahedron or Tetrahedron?

Then we got more inventive

Philocubist (look it up, it means a lover of dice games!)

ROLE (yeah, just ROLE)

Roll the Dice

Role the Dice (eewww)

Roll the Bones

The Masque

The Masquerade (oops, White Wolf Copyright! Damn.)

Dice and Sword

Play the Game

Dicing with Death


Then we tried to define role-playing

Playing the Part

Acting the Part

Living Legends

Living the Legend

Living Fiction

Liquid Fiction

Shared Fantasy (a bit racy?)

Social Dreaming

Places to Go, People to Be (hmmm, that one sounds OK....)


Then there were the classical influences:

Dice, Book and Table

The Play's the Thing

Ars Fabula (the art of story telling)

Ars Histrio (the art of acting)

Of Dice and Men (good, but sexist! Damn)

Of Dice and...Zen?Glen?Ken?Pen? (I kept trying)

T'was Brillig... (or something else from Jabberwocky like..)

Gyre and Gimble/Mimsy Borrogroves/Mome Raths/Frumious Bandersnatch....

And, of course, the Three Letter Abbreviation (TLA) popped up

RPM: Role-Playing Mag

RPG: Role-Playing maG

PC/NPC: (not sure what we could make them stand for but they sound good)

GM: Gaming Mag

RNG: Random Number Generator (i.e. Dice)

Continuing with the gaming terms

The Hit Point

Hit Dice

Critical Twenty/Success (sound like yuppie mags)

Critical Failure (a bad omen)

d% (the Prince idea)

Name, Level and Class

Some simpler ideas

Gaming (a tad dull)

Games, Games, Games (worse)

GAME ON! (very Wayne's World)

Then some further ideas on fantasy:




Exclamation Mark!

The Incredible Journey (not the film)

The Journeyman (sexist again!)

By the Sword

Mightier than the Sword

Lizards and Lairs

Warriors and Wyrms (these suck, eh?)

Catacmobs and...something beginning with C?

Then we got silly...


a Celebration of Role-Playing and Gaming in Society (CRAGS)

a Celebration of the Literature, Imagination and Theatrics Of Role-Playing In Society (CLITORIS) (we were tired,OK?)

Infinity Limited

Tolkien Must Die

The Holy Grail

The Knights Who Say Ni!

A Thousand Words

We Have A Magazine, And You Don't!

Recreational Impossibilities


The Force is Strong

Nerds Incorporated

Just Working On A Project, Mum

Spank the Geek

Multi-Aggregate General Education..or something

A Thousand Hit Points and Maximum Charisma!

Gratuitous Innuendo


Finally, two anagrams, and a palindrom to finish.

I'm a zanging mage (gaming magazine)

Gazing Megan, Am I! (ditto)

Game E-mag (neat)

(For some more anagrams, click here.

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