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Who is Places to Go, People to Be?

The Editors:

Name: Steve Darlington

Positions: Editor-in-Chief, Features Editor, General Dogsbody, Impassioned Literati

Description: Steve is a typical artist, with his head in the clouds and his feet in his mouth. Works tirelessly to bring the magazine to readiness, mainly when he should be working on statistical research for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. Meticulous and accurate when it comes to the written word, but often puts his shirts on inside out without noticing. Very much at home with both numbers and letters, but not really at home himself. Gives a lot of himself; usually asked to take most of it back.

Name: Steve Dempsey

Positions: Columns Editor, Writer, Editor's Personal Psychiatrist

Description: Given the monicker "GBSteve" due to his residence in London, Steve is the international element of the zine. A later addition to the family, he brought to the zine a great talent for taking on the crappy jobs with glee, and an intimate knowledge of the dark underside of the British RPG scene. Plus by writing and editing an increasing percentage of material, he keeps the editor's blood pressure within mostly normal levles. He works as a fraud analyst, speaks almost fluent French and never starts a sentence with a conjuction.

Name: Raymond Smith

Positions: Layout Editor, Technical Supervisor, Director of Distribution, Writer

Description: Ray is the quiet, bookish one, the Bob Andrews of this group of Three Investigators. A renowned computer genius, he wastes hundreds of dollars worth of CiTR's computer resources and time to help with the magazine. Trusted to actually understand all the technical internet stuff the rest of us just pretend to understand. Reliable and dependable, although often given to wandering around in a trance, muttering under his breath about something called Java.

Name: Brett Matthews:

Positions: Assistant Editor, Submission Supervisor, Writer

Description: Brett is a mature, responsible, sage-like Australian Democrat and has often been found guilty of mixing logic and reason with politics. He loves a good argument, and when he's not including them in his MA thesis, he pesters us all with them on email. To try and shut him up, we got him to work for us. Describes himself as "an aging gamer with a job and a family and that niggling sense that perhaps he really is too old for this."

Other Positions:

Name: Rappar, Antoine and Saladdin

Positions: Official Hosts of the French Version, Official Liasons to the French, French Translators

Description: The three musketeers of roleplaying journalsim. These guys like the zine so much they have an unstoppable zeal for translating it so more people can enjoy it. Naturally, we think they're great.

Name: Gary Pellino

Positions: Itinerant Writer, Opinionated Demagogue, also makes the tea.

Description: Gary is a cypher, a mystery man. Although good friends with Steve for a long time, the latter admits he still knows very little about him. Known for grabbing the horns by the bull and not wording his mince. Frequently goes off on tangents; rarely comes back.

Name:Daniel Beeston

Positions: Graphical Supervisor, Graphics Designer

Description: Clearly the result of a frightening genetic experiment to combine an artistic snob and computer nerd. Approach with caution.

Name:Mark Suter

Positions: System Administrator

Description: Mark Suter is a Systems Administrator and spends most of his PTGPTB time fixing bugs introduced by Raymond. A legend amoung his fellows, an adaption of What would Brian Boitano do? from the South Park movie was written in his honour:

Cuz Mark Suter doesn't take shit from an-y-bod-y
So lets get all the script kidies together
For we have to stop the spam

Name: Sharon Darlington

Positions: Unofficial Secretary, Staff Manager

Description: A make-things-happen kind of girl. Keeps us all sane. Doesn't play RPG's and hence is a valuable connection to the real world.

Name:Simon Dennis

Positions: Technical Consultant, Writer

Description: Prolific game designer, suspected of having artificial intelligence. May even be a cyborg sent from future to kill us all.

Name: Murray K

Positions: Writer, Computer Consultant

Description: Recently sold his soul and became a Sydneyite banker yuppie scum. Of course, the bank did pay for the computer on his desk which he uses to write for us...

Name: Kevin Powe

Positions: Conjure Representative

Description: Known as Laughing Wolf, but it sounds more like insane cackling than laughter to us. Crazy enough to try and run his own convention.

Name: Andrew Rilstone

Positions: Inspirational Example, Literary Genius, Celebrity Contributor

Description: Fantastically talented young writer, game designer extraordinaire and master of the impassioned and intelligent rant-piece. His incisive columns in arcane magazine are now the stuff of legend. A deity in the realms of RPG philosophy.

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